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Here's how we suggest you use Gentleman's Hangar products.


Pre-shave oil adds lubrication to the shaving process while both softening your beard hair and providing an extra barrier between your skin and razor.  
To use, pour a quarter-sized amount of Gentleman's Hangar Pre-Shave oil into your palm, and massage onto your beard.  The longer you let it sit, the softer your hairs will become!
The Shave

Whether your prefer to shave with Gentleman's Hangar Old School Shave Cream or our Vintage Shave Soap, the process is mostly the same.  Wet your brush and give it a flick: you want it damp, not soaking wet.  With a pea-sized amount of cream in your shave bowl, lather with your brush (or if using the soap, use the damp brush right on the puck to build your lather) and apply it to your face, right over the Pre-Shave oil.  

You're ready to shave!  If you have a minute to spare, let the shave cream or soap sit and soften your beard before using your razor.  

Once you're done with your razor, give your face a rinse with cool water: this will close your pores and help prevent ingrown hairs.  Afterward, apply a liberal amount of Gentleman's Hangar After-Shave Lotion to the areas you just shaved.  When you shave, you are actually removing old skin cells along with your beard, which exposes fresh new skin to the world.  Applying after-shave lotion will protect and moisturize this newly exposed skin -- and you'll smell great.

Happy Shaving!